Looking for a change for your Piranha (Previous Level 3) graduate? Need something for your older kids who are now “too cool” for swim lessons? Want to get your kids into the premier sport of Orange County? Water Polo is the answer.

Partnered with the Untied Water Polo Club, Golden West Swim Lessons provides a beginning water polo class that will introduce your swimmer, and you to the exciting sport of water polo. Instructors will build on basic skills like egg beater, passing and shooting to develop the aquatic athlete inside. This unique class will give your child the chance to learn from the best, while getting a great workout as well.

Must pass Piranha (Previous Level 3) or have equivalent skills. Students learn fundamentals of water polo.
Lesson Length: 45 minutes

This class teaches proper passing, shooting, treading water, and dribbling techniques. Along with introduction to front court offense and defense.


Summer 2023 Swim Lesson schedule will be posted on April 1st