Private Swim Lessons Schedule

Please select the tabs below to view the private swim lessons schedule. All private lessons are 20 minutes each.

Our program believes that children and adults generally learn better in groups. We recommend and encourage group lessons. However, we do offer 20-minute private lessons by appointment only, to both children and adults whose needs are better met by individual instruction.Private lessons clients will be matched up with an instructor that best meets the needs of each individual swimmer. Private lessons are sold in packages of four 20-minutes lessons for $165. The four lessons must occur consecutively (i.e., M-Th) during the same time slot for the entire week. Private lessons (Ratio 1:1) 1 instructor to 1 student.

If you need more information regarding private lessons please call 714-895-8228

Summer 2023 Swim Lesson schedule will be posted on April 1st