I don’t know how to pick a swim level for my child?
To view class level descriptions go to the Classes -> Level Descriptions and select the appropriate class level tabs for your child. A description of skills is described there. If you still need a little more help, please email or call us 714-895-8228.

Is the pool outdoors?
YES. The pool is located outdoors. We have two pools at the facility. One pool is kept at 86 degrees and the other pool is kept at 83 degrees.

I want to sign up for the whole summer, what classes should I register for? 
Every child progresses at a different pace, we suggest signing up for a level more than once to make sure the child has learned all of the skills before moving up. Swimming improves with repetition and the building of endurance – repeating a level will only enhance the skills previously learned. We do fill up, make sure to register for classes now and take advantage of the preseason discount! If you feel your child is in the wrong level, please come to the office and we will discuss options of moving to the next class.

Do I have to pay for changes?
All change requests made to your registration are complimentary up until June 18th. Starting June 19th all changes requests must be made in the office and are subject to a $5 cash charge.

How do I drop a class?
If you need to drop a class, please email GWC Swim Lessons through the contact us page and list the Session, Class and Time you would like dropped and for which child.

I choose the wrong time for my child, what should I do?
Do not wait to hear back from the office to register for the correct class (as spots are limited). Log in to your MySwim account and add the classes that are correct, then follow the directions on how to drop a class listed above.

My child has not been in the water without a life jacket, what should I do before lessons start?
We highly recommend you spending some time with the child in the water without their life jacket. The first day of swim lessons can be overwhelming sometimes – and for a child who is only comfortable with a life jacket on, they tend to not feel safe going in the water without it. Talk positively about learning to swim with a teacher and new friends.

Do I need an account before I register?
Nope! When you register your child, an account will be created for you. You can add classes and view your schedules through your MySwim account

Which level should is sign my child up for, they completed level 2 last summer?
It all depends on the specific skills they can still do, the levels have all changed so you will want to look on the website for the new classes available. We have a fun skills map here