1. Check-In – On the first day of swim lessons students will meet at their appropriate area (signs will be located on deck). An office manager or swim instructor will call the students’ names and organize them prior to getting into the water. On the first day of the session we test all students to create classes based on their ability that was demonstrated during testing. Class screening is only completed on the first day of a session. For the remainder of the session the students are asked to report to their instructor at the start of the lesson. Each instructor will have a designated location in the pool where that class will meet everyday for the duration of the session.
2. Payments – Payments are due at the time of registration.
3. Withdrawal/Refund Policy – For a refund, all withdrawal requests must be received in writing (via email) at least 10 days before the first day of the session and are subject to a $5 processing fee per CLASS.

For classes withdrawn less than 10 days prior to the start of the session, you will be charged 50%, and the money will be placed in your mySwim account with Golden West Swim Lessons. You will be charged a $5 processing fee if you would like your refund back to your credit card.

Once this date has past, no refunds will be made.

4. Class/Time Change – All sales are final. Effective June 16th, all changes to your child’s schedule (class time and/or session) must be done in the office and a $5 cash only fee will be applied if a change is made.  If your child passes a level, it is your responsibility to notify the office on or before the Thursday prior to the next enrolled session; based on availability, we will accommodate your request at no charge.
5. Make-Ups – In order to maintain the integrity of our classes we do not offer make-ups.  Thank you for allowing us to offer the highest quality possible in teaching your children.
6. Pool Closure – We strive to have the highest quality pool water at all times. Thus, we will close the pool if the chlorine and pH level are not commensurate with the skin’s natural level. In the case the pool must be closed at your registered time, we will do our best to provide a make-up class subject to pool availability.  There are no refunds in an event of an emergency.
7. Private Lessons – Payments for private lessons are based on a set of four 20-minute lessons (duration of 1 week). If a private lesson is missed, there are no make-ups.
8. Parental Supervision – We require a parent/guardian maintain direct supervision of all children under 16 years of age at all times. The parent/guardian must remain in the facility. In case of a medical emergency, parents must be immediately available. There is no recreation or playtime allowed before or after classes. If the parent/guardian is not in the facility, the child will not be allowed to swim.
9. Locker Rooms/ Use of Facility – Swim School clients may use the designated shower and bathroom facilities before and after their class. Children 8 years of age and over must use the gender appropriate locker room facilities.  There is a family shower area available, and single occupancy restrooms on the pool deck.  Locker Room usage may be revoked at anytime.